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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is Ben Bernanke Being Scapegoated and Replaced?

I noticed an interesting shift in mainstream media coverage of Ben Bernanke. Instead of saying "He's a brilliant leader managing the economy!", they're now saying "Maybe he isn't doing such a great job."

I saw some coverage of Congress grilling Ben Bernanke on the Bank of America buyout of Merill Lynch. Instead of the usual ****job, Congress asked relatively hard questions, regarding the Federal Reserve pressuring Bank of America to buyout Merill Lynch. It's still frustrating, because they don't ask any questions of real substance like "Is having a central bank credit monopoly a good idea? Isn't the Federal Reserve just a huge price fixing cartel?"

Is Ben Bernanke being set up as a scapegoat for the current recession/depression? His 4 year term as Federal Reserve chairman expires soon, and Obama will probably nominate someone else.

Is Ben Bernanke consciously aware that the Federal Reserve is one huge scam? Or, is he a fool who is doing the best he can to manage a fundamentally corrupt system? When the Federal Reserve was first created, the insiders who controlled it knew that their true purpose was to loot and pillage the American people. In the present, the people who publicly control the State are not consciously aware that their actions are evil. If you sincerely believe you're trying to do a good job, then you're a more effective liar in public.

Either way, it's irrelevant if Ben Bernanke knows if the Federal Reserve is a scam or not. Adults are responsible for what they do, even if they were tricked or are just plain stupid. The Federal Reserve is immoral and needs to be eliminated. The correct solution is to boycott the Federal Reserve and income tax, and to use real money instead of slave points.

Replacing Ben Bernanke with another figurehead accomplishes nothing. One politically connected insider will be replaced with another politically connected insider. One brainwashed pro-State troll is replaced with another brainwashed pro-State troll.

That is one key evil of the State. Whenever there is a problem, a different figurehead is chosen to lead things. The fundamental flaws of a corrupt system are never addressed. "Changing the leaders solves the problem! A corrupt system has no flaws!" is a common evil fnord.

"Fire Ben Bernanke and replace him with someone else!" is an evil fnord. It provides the illusion of change, while changing nothing. The correct solution is to fire the entire Federal Reserve and financial industry.

You should not wait for Congress to initiate reform. The banksters receive massive State subsidies, and can always profitably lobby to block reform. If you want freedom, you should grab it directly yourself. As an individual, the best way to do this is via agorism.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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