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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Abortion Fnord

Abortion is a wonderful political issue that pro-State trolls focus on. A lot of time and energy is spent debating abortion, instead of issues that actually matter.

A typical brainwashed slave says "I have an opinion about important political issues! I care about abortion!"

What is the real free market answer to abortion? Without a government, it's impossible to prevent someone from getting an abortion, if they want one. I'm not interested in debating "Abortion is murder!" My response is "Why should I care if a complete stranger wants to murder her unborn child? If someone else chooses to get an abortion, how does that injure me?" If I have no relationship with someone, then why should I care what they do?

The argument for "Abortion should be illegal!" derives from "People are the property of the State!" The mother is government property. Therefore, her child is also government property. If a woman gets an abortion, she is guilty of destroying State property. Government insiders ban abortion to protect their property.

Ironically, the abortion issue can evoke some anti-State sentiment on both sides. A pro-life advocate says "The State should not spend tax money subsidizing abortions." A pro-choice advocate says "The State should not tell me what I can and cannot do with my own body." However, neither goes to the full conclusion "Who needs a government anyway?"

Most women get abortions for economic reasons. State restriction of the market artificially raises the cost of children. Most children don't enter the workforce until age 22+. In agricultural societies, children are productive workers at age 13 or younger. Before the State was so powerful, a 13 year old child was an economic asset; they performed more work than the food they ate. In the present, the State artificially increases the cost of children, which makes abortion economically attractive.

The abortion issue is used as a substitute for genuine political debate. When there's a new Supreme Court nominee, their opinion on abortion is always viewed with the utmost importance. Nobody ever bothers asking "How do you feel about the increasing power of the State?" Almost every Supreme Court judge and politician will make the decision that increases the power of the government, and hence their own power.

That's the evil of the Roe vs. Wade decision. Before that ruling, each individual state had the right decide if abortion is illegal or not. The real victory in Roe vs. Wade is "Abortion is an issue that is the Federal government's business." This decision allowed a lot of political energy to be spent on abortion, instead of issues of importance.

All the mainstream discussion of the abortion issue is an evil fnord. People think that they have an opinion about meaningful political issues, when they're really just wasting time. People have heated debates about abortion, instead of discussing important issues like "Taxation is theft!"


No Gods Required said...

You don't have a positive obligation to fetuses who are to be aborted true enough. But don't you feel that if it was within your power to not support certain people who get tons of abortions you would do it? In other words it is moral for you to stop certain abortions if you had enough information about the situation wouldn't you say?

Bas said...

Hi, No Gods;

In a free market, what you think is moral is not important, except to yourself. The final decision on abortion should be with the mother. In a free market, I'm sure there will be plenty of charitable institutions willing to lend a (financial) hand to prevent an abortion (if done for economic reasons), but no one should be able to force a decision onto the mother.

david scott said...

Although, I personally am so far to the left that even the democrats appear to me to be "right-wing," I consider myself to be a strict constitutionalist. It is my opinion that since its inception there has been an organized and systematic assault by the conservatives in the United States on the civil liberties written into the US Constitution. The “War on Drugs”; “War on Terror”; “War on Communism” and a host of other wars waged by the right wing are really nothing more than a War on People--an excuse to erode civil rights to the point of non-existence. I invite you to my website devoted to raising awareness on this puritan attack on freedom:

No Gods Required said...

I typed a longer comment but the network timed out. Suffice to say what is moral has nothing to do with opinion.

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