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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Agorist Tookit - GIT

Linux Torvalds had a problem with source control systems for distributing the Linux kernel. The base of developers was distributed. He wanted a source control system with no centralized authority. This way, people could share patches before he personally reviewed them.

Linux Torvalds developed GIT. GIT is a totally decentralized source control system. This also looks like a decent implementation of the human TCP/IP network. Agorists could use GIT to share information in a completely decentralized fashion.

Some people suggest that agorists should specifically develop software for information sharing. As social networking software becomes more sophisticated, we should be able to directly use them.

An ideal agorist information sharing system should be completely decentralized, like GIT. If there's a centralized repository, then that is an attack point.


Tristan said...

Freenet is decentralised, encrypted and anonymous.

Seems ideal for agorists.

Anonymous said...


in regards to to one's identity online. I think its best to remain unknown for as long as possible. Though my name appears on my blog my pics don't. A close friend who works in software dev. says to keep it that way. i originally posted as michael bass as a pen name but later put my name out there because i think it helped my readers to understand a little more about me as an author.

Anywho I just wanted to say that I think it's best to keep identity on the down low unless some extrodinary circumstances arise...

Anonymous said...

true, but there is an irony, as despite the fact that net is 'distributed' in use, in terms of its physical architecture it is dependent on a high level of core centralisation and corporate control. There are a fair few 'shadow net' type projects out there that seek to make a network independent of the core backbones, created and run by their members. however, they tend not to work that well! Still, early days.

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