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Monday, January 14, 2008

Communism Defeated the Free Market, 192-0

Socialism defeats capitalism because it is intuitively more appealing. The idea of everyone cooperating is more attractive than the idea of everyone competing. In a democracy, there is an overwhelming temptation for the majority to vote themselves the property of the minority.

Newspapers promote socialism, because it's an excuse for the red market to seize more wealth. A small slice is returned to the people as welfare payments, and the rest is given to the wealthy people who control the government.

Capitalism lost because there never was true capitalism. There always was interference from the government. There always was interference from international banks. International banks manipulate the money supply for their own benefit. International banks started almost as soon as free trade started.

The "greedy wealthy people" are blamed for the problems of the poor. Their evils are touted in newspapers controlled by the wealthy themselves! The taxes and regulations enacted make poor people poorer, and transfer massive amounts of wealth to the people who are already wealthy. Nobody winds up questioning the fundamental flaws in the economic and political system that are responsible for poverty in the first place.

In a truly free market without government coercion, it's actually possible to be greedy and help other people at the same time. A truly free market is a positive-sum game. The current economic system is a negative-sum game.

People never recognized the problems of the poor as imperfect capitalism. After all, most people would work if given the opportunity. People never noticed that poverty was caused by a defective monetary system and taxation system. It's much easier to blame the wealthy. It's kind of ironic, because the wealthy are the ones who benefit from the corrupt monetary system and taxation system.

The problem is that there are two types of wealthy people. There are people who gained and maintain their wealth through political connections. There are people who are wealthy due to hard work and providing useful goods and services.

There are people who gained their wealth through political connections and abuse of government power. These are the true bad guys. However, since they are the ones who control the government, is it realistic that the government would pass laws that confiscate their own wealth? The wealth and politically connected do pay income taxes. However, the value of the government subsidies they receive is far greater than the amount of taxes they pay. Capital gains are taxed at a far lower rate than regular income. Taxes on corporate profits are just passed on as higher prices.

The primary effect of socialist government regulations is that they prevent honest accumulation of wealth. Someone who tries to accumulate wealth the honest way is facing a massive handicap. A handful of people are talented enough to succeed in spite of the huge handicap, but that is not proof that the system itself is fair. Income taxes don't hurt wealthy people, who have many ways to shield their income and receive massive government subsidies. Income taxes hurt the average person trying to accumulate wealth who doesn't have tax shelters. Taxes and inflation steal away the wealth of the average person trying to accumulate wealth by working.

In every country in the world, socialism or communism is the economic system. Without exception, every country everywhere has a corrupt monetary system, taxation system, and corrupt government regulations. Communism have achieved a perfect 192-0 victory over the free market. Small countries are required to enact an unfair monetary system and taxation system, as a condition for being allowed to trade and for receiving foreign aid. Any small country that refused to comply would have its government overthrown.

The current global economic system is a global communist dictatorship. The current global economic and political system is a system of absolute perfect enslavement.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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