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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who Cares About Obama's Birth Certificate?

President Obama released his "long form" birth certificate. (I was amused by the guy who said "Hey! This was photoshopped!" That would be a clever trick. Intentionally release a photoshopped birth certificate, so people can keep discussing the issue.)

The "birther" controversy is a distraction from more serious issues. The mainstream media talked about the birth certificate, instead of Bernanke's press conference and record gold/silver prices. I was amused that silver and gold spiked up immediately after Bernanke's press conference.

People say "President Obama was not born in the USA. Therefore, his authority is not legitimate." It's the right conclusion for the wrong reasons. No President's authority is legitimate. All taxation is theft. Via its monopolistic power, government is one huge criminal conspiracy.

Obama is not some random person who became President. His parents had impressive political connections, but they weren't publicly prominent. Many high-ranking State insiders don't want public scrutiny.

By hyping the "birther" issue, it distracts from other valid criticisms. The mainstream media implies "Anyone who criticizes the President is racist!"

NBC is heavily promoting Trump, because he has a TV show on NBC. The other networks follow. Donald Trump is probably one of the few candidates Obama could beat in the general election. It pays for President Obama to hype Donald Trump, because he wants all his critics to look that foolish.

Why does the mainstream media keep touting the "birther" issue? It's a distraction from other issues. By hyping easily-refutable criticism of the President, that hides valid criticism.


Anonymous said...

"easily-refutable criticism of the President hides other issues"... true.

However, Obama has shown no proof yet. Just because this issue obstructs the view of other issues, this issue is no less valid. By showing that he is in fact, illegitimate, it becomes evident that it really doesn't matter who is the president, the scam of the state will continue.

We could just as well have Osama as the president.

dionysusal said...

Let's Finally Kill the Birther Crap - They're all fakes

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