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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Subtle Media Anti-Anarchist Spin

This story was interesting. The teacher's union sponsored a protest, criticizing education budget cuts and Wall Street corruption.

This was a "State-approved" protest. If you're protesting against budget cuts in the part of the State that employs you, then you really aren't protesting against the State.

If you're protesting "Higher salary for my State job!", you're literally saying "Higher taxes for everyone else!" Of course, the State media never presents it that way.

I was really amused by this section:

The May 12 protest was overwhelmingly peaceful, with tens of thousands of activists moving throughout the city streets in an orderly fashion. However, a small group of anarchists did cause a ruckus at one point
Notice the dig against anarchists. How do you know they were anarchists, and not just some random troublemakers?

State propaganda is "Anarchists are people who like random violence and property destruction." That's why I call myself a "market anarchist" or "agorist".

I was amused and offended by the subtle dig against anarchists. Such a message, repeated many times, leads to the false belief that anyone who criticizes the State monopoly is a dangerous criminal. Those subtle mind control tricks are pathetically obvious to me now. However, others are fooled, which is a serious problem.


DC said...

In our society the stigma of being labeled an anarchist is worse than being named a child rapist or a terrorist.

It is forbidden to be an anarchist.

While there are lists of sex offenders and terrorists, there are no publicized lists of known anarchists.

Imagine this headline story " Anarchists were peacefully marching to support their rights of job hiring freedom and wages without garnishments. A small group of govermentalists caused a ruckus at one point demanding that more than half of the wages of the anarchists should taken from them to pay for the agenda of the governmentalists."


P.S. I am somewhat pissed off today. I received my real estate tax bill which is 27% higher than last year. I will fight it, but probably with little success.

FSK said...

That's the problem with owning real estate. Your property taxes can be arbitrarily raised.

Note that 27% is pretty close to true inflation.

This Blog Has Moved!

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