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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Silence And Psychopaths

Sometimes, insiders leak the truth under the guise of fiction. For example, the movie "The Matrix" may have been an attempt by insiders to leak a deeper forbidden truth.

In the new season of "Doctor Who", there's an enemy called "The Silence". They have the ability to alter people's memories. They have the ability to issue subconscious commands. They have the ability to make others forget them.

When I saw "The Silence", my reaction was "That's nonfiction! Psychopaths can actually do that!"

Psychopaths rely on their ability to psychologically manipulate and control others. They have almost all the abilities that "The Silence" have! When I saw that, I was wondering if some insiders were intentionally leaking bits of the truth.

For example, a psychopath will make vague statements during a meeting. Later, he will take the position that, in retrospect, seemed correct. He will convince others that was his position all along. He literally altered other people's memories.

I suspect (but can't prove) that scientists in some military research lab are working on the psychopath problem. Even if you believe that having a government violence monopoly is a good idea, something must be done about the psychopath problem. The threat of psychopaths is more serious than the threat of government.

The State *IS* the psychopaths, combined with the intelligent-but-deluded people that psychopaths control. If the psychopaths could be eliminated, then real reform might be possible.

That's one big reason I'm an anarchist. The official lie is that government protects people from dangerous psychopaths. The reality is that the biggest psychopaths control the government. Under "color of law", they get protected from negative consequences for their crimes.

Not everyone in a State leadership position is a psychopath. The non-psychopaths are somewhat intelligent, emotionally weak, and easy for psychopaths to control.

I'm able to nearly instantly tell if someone is a psychopath. Now that I'm mostly unplugged from the Matrix, I have a natural sense of disgust when I meet a psychopath. Most people have this ability. They suppress it due to their pro-State brainwashing.

A psychopath convinces everyone else they're a super-awesome genius. When you see the psychopath and have a reaction of disgust, you think "Everyone else thinks this psychopath is a genius. I'll also say he's a genius, so I don't look stupid." You learn to suppress your emotions. Even though you may have doubts about the psychopath, you want to conform to what everyone else is saying.

Psychopaths can also instantly categorize other people. They can identify someone as:

  1. a fellow psychopath
  2. a parasite (low-skill psychopath)
  3. someone that's easily manipulated
  4. someone who can see through them (like me)
Fortunately for psychopaths, psychopath-resistant people are rare. They are easily manipulated, disgraced, and fired. A psychopath would never allow someone like me to be successful in politics. Even without verbal pre-agreement, psychopaths would spontaneously cooperate to ruin me, when they sense that I am questioning their scam.

One example of a high-skill psychopath is Bernard Madoff. Whenever someone started questioning him, he was able to psychologically manipulate them. When some regulators started getting suspicious, he went over their heads. He convinced their bosses, fellow psychopaths, to give an order to back down. Psychopaths always spontaneously instinctively cooperate, when they see an intelligent person questioning their scam. The psychopath SEC boss thinks "Bernard Madoff is a psychopath like me. If he's disgraced, then I might be next."

Psychopaths spontaneously cooperate. They can easily identify fellow psychopaths. This creates the same outcome as a massive highly-coordinated evil conspiracy. Psychopaths will always cooperate to crush an intelligent person trying to do something good (i.e. something that threatens their gravy train).

Another example of a highly-skilled psychopath is Chuck Schumer. I wonder if someone is studying him? Psychopaths are naturally drawn to high-ranking State jobs. Once most insiders are psychopaths, then the intelligent people are excluded and mislabeled as dysfunctional.

Here is another example of psychopaths in action. Suppose I go on a job interview. I am interviewed by four intelligent people who think I'm a strong candidate and one psychopath. Each interview is one-on-one. The psychopath will be very threatened by me, because he knows I'm able to see through his scam. There's no way for me to conceal from a psychopath, that I have hightened awareness and am not a psychopath myself. After the interview, the psychopath will literally edit the memories of the other four interviewers. No matter how much they liked me, the psychopath will convince them that I was a weak candidate. I'm not there to defend myself. They will never know that they failed to hire a highly-skilled worker.

If the any of the other four interviewers were not people the psychopath could control, he would arrange for then to be fired. The psychopath needs intelligent people to do his work for him, but not people who are able to see through him or question him.

The psychopaths are very much like The Silence. They are draining the productivity of everyone else, misdirecting it for evil purposes.

I wonder if the writers for Doctor Who intentionally leaked a hidden truth? Psychopaths really can manipulate people, almost as efficiently as The Silence! Most people don't have the defenses to identify psychopaths.

Even if I explain "Taxation is theft!" to you, that isn't enough. It's important to learn how to identify psychopaths. Emotional pro-State brainwashing is much more dangerous than logical pro-State brainwashing.


Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant post.

You have got things down perfectly.

This post mirrors what I have found out about psychopaths.

They do try to rewrite history. Repeating a lie does not make it the truth though.

I once knew a psychopath. I just couldn't work out why he tried to con everyone he met. If he worked honestly his company could have made far more money. But for some reason he preferred a system whereby lies fly about and resources get wasted.

When the shit starts to hit the fan, he can make up for things by lying and stealing, but always getting other people to do the dirty work while he has clean hands.

Anonymous said...

steamroller says:
Any Statist/socialist system must necessarily collapse if there is voluntary exit from it, because those most abused (fed into the system) would be exactly the ones wanting out. No robbery or theft or slavery can exist if there is a voluntary opt-out. The only ones left are always robbers, thieves and masters themselves!

Joe said...

Ah, I get it. You're a hateful right winger. I thought the »cops should be allowed to rape drunk women because women who drink too much are whores« comment was an aberration in critical thought. Now I see it's an inability to think.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have had the street corner psychopath (now a lawyer) make a victim of me.What I did not realize was what you mentioned about the collusion of psychopaths. That makes the victim seem a paranoid schizophrenic? That is my problem....

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