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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Why Does Jay Walder Need A Bodyguard?

This story was interesting. Jay Walter is the MTA's CEO. He has two full-time bodyguards.

Outside City Hall, MTA CEO JAY Walder has been spotted with two MTA Police guards. “Chairman Walder adheres to the expert security recommendations of the MTA (police department),” a spokesman said.

Transit advocates say there’s a need for the guards when the MTA makes unpopular service cuts. In 1981, a man stormed MTA headquarters and fired at a door said Gene Russianoff, of the Straphangers Campaign.
Just because someone did something stupid once, Jay Walder gets *TWO* fulltime bodyguards?

Also, Jay Walder takes a State-paid limousine to work. Shouldn't the MTA CEO be required to take the subway?

Why does Jay Walder need a bodyguard? Would you know who he is, if you passed him on the street?

This is offensive, because it's a huge waste.

It's also promising. State bureaucrats must be really scared! If there are two policemen acting as full-time bodyguards for Jay Walder, that's two fewer policemen arresting people for nonviolent statutory crime.

Jay Walder's full-time bodyguards are an example of State waste. If he was paying his own personal money for a bodyguard, that wouldn't be offensive. The cost is passed on to everyone else, via higher taxes or higher fares.

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Anonymous said...

Talking of State waste.

It seems to have cost the Mayor about quarter of a million pounds to evict the anti-war protesters from Parliament Square in the UK.

The protesters are supposed to pick up some of the legal bill, but it is unlikely they will, especially as some (most) of them are unemployed and/or homeless.

So the taxpayer will pick up the huge legal bill.

In some reports it says 250, 000 GBP. In other reports 140, 000 GBP in legal costs.

Say it is 250, 000 GBP and the average salary is 25 K a year. The legal bills have cost ten year's work for one man.

Why are the legal costs so high?

Worse The Queen owns Parliament Square, not the Mayor. It was lawyers acting on behalf of the Mayor that evicted the anti-war protesters.

How can you evict people from land you DO NOT OWN?

Well it seems the Mayor's lawyer argued as the public have access to the land, they can be evicted.

But the land belongs to The Queen.

How can you evict someone from land you do not own?

Anyway my main point is yet again the taxpayer has to pick up a huge bill which is going straight into lawyer's pockets.

For quarter of a million pounds these anti-war protesters could have been given their own house or flat to live in. Perhaps they could sleep in this house instead of Parliament Square. That will help keep in tidier as they won't have to put their tents there.

What a waste of money!!!

For 250, 000 GBP these people could have been given their own TV channel.

But no the money has gone straight into the lands of lawyer's pockets.

Well making up such an argument that you can evict people from land YOU DO NOT OWN just because it is public access, surely deserves 250, 000 GBP.

Why is being a professional bullshitter paid much more than engineering?

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