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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fake Anarchists Riot At G-20 Meeting

I'm offended by the pro-State "anarchists" who riot at the G-20 meeting. This occurs at every WTO, IMF, G-20 meeting. That feeds State propaganda "Anarchists like to senselessly destroy property. Hooray for the State!"

The correct attitude towards the G-20 meeting is "Why should I care what those statists do? Their authority is not legitimate." Going to the G-20 meeting to riot implicitly acknowledges the legitimacy of the meeting.

Most of those "anarchists" are misguided protesters. Some of them may be undercover cops, looking to incite violence to discredit "anarchists". Some of them are criminals who like smashing windows.

I noticed the video of anarchists smashing store windows. My reaction was "Why aren't the State police doing their job? They should be protecting that property!" The store owner should have been in front of the store with a shotgun, protecting his property.

If your goal is to raise awareness of State evil, going to the G-20 meeting is a waste of time. You can hand out pamphlets on any street corner. Or, you could take the less-confrontational approach of blogging. (I plan to expand to other things eventually.)

A famous statist said "Let them riot and protest all they want, as long as they pay their taxes." The only action that hurts the bad guys is ignoring their stupid laws and taxes. A riot is pointless. Why would you intentionally seek a direct violent confrontation with armed professional soldiers?

The pro-State "anarchists" who riot at the G-20 meeting are actually serving the agenda of State parasites. The riots are covered as "news", to create the illusion that rioting is the only option for a disgruntled person. The "anarchists" at the G-20 meeting tend to be the "Property is theft!" fake anarchists.


Anonymous said...

Good article. I live in Toronto and witnessed many of the events. Despite the absurd investment into security and additional cops, 'anarchists' were allowed to loot and destroy property completely freely for periods of up to eight hours. Where were the police? All it does is feed the propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen events myself and have always thought that these are the staged events.The fact that these meetings get into "global news" is just another indication that anarchists are fake(just like you mentioned ).One reason G-20 needs this kind of spectacle is to show that they are really serious people trying to solve some important global problems. In reality these "get-togethers" only invent new problems such as "global warming". If they really wanted then they could have easily avoided such a publicity.

Scott said...

In the US, the store owner WOULD be on top of the store with his rifle protecting it. That is what happened during the Rodney King riots.

If the store owner does that in Canada he will be arrested and put in jail.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at