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Friday, July 16, 2010

Racist Tea Party?

This story was pretty funny. The NAACP criticized the Tea Party movement for being racist. It was unclear if they were criticizing specific unmentioned people, or everyone.

"It's racist to criticize the President!" is a bizarre evil fnord. Such a statement itself is racist and statist.

I read an interesting anecdote. Before racism was invented, poor while people and poor black people cooperated against State evil. Their resistance was effective! State parasites invented racism, as a means of dividing and conquering the slaves. White slaves got more perks than black slaves, creating resentment by both groups. "Divide and conquer!" is one of the best State control tricks. Group X needs the State for protection from group Y, and group Y needs State protection from group X. The slaves don't realize that the State is actually their common enemy. The abuses attributed to X or Y are really abuses of the State.

The mainstream media portrays the Tea Party movement as a bunch of racist white people, disgruntled because there's a black President. There are some people with that viewpoint.

Anybody can claim to be a "Tea Party Protester/Leader". Nothing prevents a scumbag from presenting himself as a racist Tea Party activist. Undercover cops may be promoting such attitudes. Whenever you have a group of people, State parasites make it a priority to "infiltrate and subvert".

The key ideas of the Tea Party movement are "All taxation is theft! Government is one huge extortion racket! The USA has an unfair monetary system!" These ideas are banned from the mainstream media. Instead, the racism angle and limited government aspects are hyped.

If there are 1000 people at a Tea Party meeting, the one racist guy is singled out for an interview. One stupid person does not automatically discredit everyone else. If the policy is "Anyone who wants to come is welcome!", then you're also going to attract some undesirables.

The most important part of the Tea Party movement is the Internet. Many "Ron Paul 2008" groups are now Tea Party groups. Many are starting to realize "voting is pointless".

Are most of the Tea Party protesters racist? In 2012 or 2016, there will be a new President. I predict that the Tea Party movement will be as big or bigger. More people are realizing that taxation is theft and government is one huge extortion racket.

The most important aspect of the Tea Party movement is the Internet. State comedians blame racists, because they don't want to acknowledge what's really happening.


Scott said...

Interesting topic. Ron Paul is not a racist, and libertarianism is not supposed to be racist. However I often meet intellectual libertarians who say things like "We need to round up all these damn Mexicans and shoot them."

Conservative publication The New Republic has an article on this topic, saying there is racism and it needs to be addressed.

This AP article addresses issues of how white supremacists see tea party disenfranchisement with the way things are as a great bridge to white nationalism as the solution, and they are stepping in to tea party leadership to make sure that happens:

As I see it part of the problem is that it started as something for those sympathetic to Paul's strict constitutionalism, but was allowed to move into the completely unrelated philosophy of Palin. These prevented the movement from developing a cohesive message, and such is not even possible at this point. With no principles or beliefs, the tea party is open to whoever wants to claim it.

Anonymous said...

"Racist" = White

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