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Sunday, June 27, 2010

There's No Inflation!

For lunch, I occasionally buy a hamburger. They raised their price from $8+tax to $9+tax. That's a 10% increase!

It was amusing asking the cashier. "Did you raise your price?" "Yeah. We had no choice." (Inflation caused our expenses to increase.)

I've been considering making a semi-scientific "FSK price index." I noticed that a gallon of apple cider increased from $4 to $5 over the past year. I should explicitly keep track.

State comedians like to announce "There's no inflation." This justifies stimulus/theft packages. It also justifies the Federal Reserve's 0.25% Fed Funds Rate policy.

I'm offended by biased statistics like the CPI. Using better inflation measures like the price of gold and silver, I estimate true inflation to be 20%-30% or more.


Scott said...

I've been saving receipts for about 5 years now. Food prices, staples, have doubled and tripled in this period. That suggests at least 15% inflation per year, which I am pretty sure is entirely inflation of the money supply, the amount of which appears to no longer be published. The scary part is the vast majority of the printed money has not been spent or put back on the market, so the actual amount of printing inflation might be running at 100% the last couple years and we won't have seen the effects yet.

The ultra low interest rates are keeping it from spiraling out of control, but these rates are being fueled by running the printing press as well.

Cash is in a bubble right now. A crash is coming.

Trufu said...

Wow, $8 for a hamburger. That's expensive!

fritz said...

The price of gasoline has been going down since 1942...In 1942 the price of 1 gallon of gas was 25 cents. This gallon of gas was exchanged for 1 silver quarter. a silver quarter is 1/4 of an ounce of silver.

An ounce of silver closed today at 18.75 federal reserve notes per oz( I didn't know it had gone so high) So that same 1942 silver quarter would exchange for just over 4.65 dollars.

I got gas yesterday for $2.59 a gallon ( that's low).It seems like gas is nearly half the price it was in 1942.

makes you wonder what is really happening with the money we are forced to use.


This Blog Has Moved!

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