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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Frank Donnelly, Political Prisoner

This story, via the Picket Line, was interesting. Frank Donnelly (no relation to George Donnelly?) was convicted of tax fraud. He was a war tax resister.

This quote was interesting.

Woodcock gave five basic reasons for the sentence he imposed and his reasons for not believing Donnelly’s claims of being a war tax resister. He said Donnelly never made his war tax protest public, he didn’t notify the IRS about his protest, he didn’t pay his state taxes, he benefited by not paying the full amount, and he is now getting benefits from other taxpayers.
This is an interesting logical contradiction. If you perform tax resistance in private, then State thugs will prosecute you for being a stealthy tax protester. If you perform public tax resistance, then State thugs will prosecute you for encouraging other people. The common theme is "State thugs will use violence to collect their tribute."

According to natural law, "lying on your tax returns" is not a real crime. If a mugger says "Tell me where you live and list everything you own!", you have no obligation to provide full disclosure. Of course, corrupt State courts rule differently.

However, Frank Donnelly's tax resistance was still poorly implemented. He had an on-the-books incorporated business. He was using the State financial system. This leaves a paper trail that State thugs can track.

A skilled tax resister should *NOT* own an incorporated business. All transactions should be performed off-the-books. Your profits should *NOT* be deposited in a State bank. If you deposit cash in a bank, the bank is required to file a "suspicious activity report" with the IRS and FBI. To avoid also getting ripped off by the inflation tax, you should keep your savings in physical gold and silver. That still is problematic, because State thugs will steal your savings when/if they raid your home. State thugs can also steal from your State checking account.

War tax resistance is an inherently contradictory philosophy. If you object to war, but not other State aggression, your position is logically inconsistent. *ALL* State activities are aggression. *ALL* taxation is theft, whether it's used for war or not.

When the issue is taxation, a slave will never get a fair trial in a corrupt State court. A judge is a high-ranking State insider. State insiders rely on taxes for their power and influence. A judge will always rule in favor of the State prosecutor in a taxation trial. A judge relies on taxation/theft to pay his own salary. Without taxes and the State police monopoly, a judge would just be a crazy guy wearing a robe.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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