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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mineral Deposits in Afghanistan

The mainstream media recently touted a study, saying "There's more than $1T of valuable mineral deposits in Afghanistan."

However, the actual study is more than two years old. Why is it being heavily touted now?

Some people cynically say "The war in Afghanistan is now the USA's longest war. The mineral deposits are touted as justification for the war."

The rationale for the war in Afghanistan has changed from "We're there because they attacked us!" to "We're there to protect US mining corporation profits!" At this point, all the organizers of the World Trade Center terrorist attack were killed, captured, or got away.

Technically, the US government isn't at war with Afghanistan's government. Afghanistan's official government is a US puppet government. However, Afghanistan's government would fall without US support. Most people in Afghanistan don't recognize the legitimacy of this government.

This webpage had the real reason for touting the mineral deposits now. Afghanistan's recently-ratified Constitution has an interesting provision. Mineral rights belong to the central government, and not to local villagers! These $1T mineral deposits were stolen by Afghanistan State bureaucrats. They waited until now to disclose the mineral wealth, so people wouldn't say "WTF? We were robbed!"

"You don't own mineral rights to your own land." is an example of corrupt State law. In the eastern USA, surface rights and mineral rights are usually jointly owned. In western states, the mineral rights are sold separately by the State. The mineral right owner may build a mine or well on your property to extract his mineral rights, even if the owner of the surface rights objects! If I owned a farm in Texas and an oil corporation wanted to put a well on my land, I would be legally required to allow it!

The mineral rights will now be sold to US corporations. The mineral rights will be sold for a fraction of their fair value, making this a lucrative scam. That's the reason BP and oil corporation executives are so eager to drill offshore in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. The drilling rights are sold for a discount to the fair market value.

US corporations are about to buy lucrative mining contracts in Afghanistan. That would have to be publicly announced. If Afghanistan's puppet government falls, then these mining contracts become worthless.

US corporations now own oil wells in Iraq. US corporations will soon operate mines in Afghanistan. US military policy subsidizes corporate profits, more than protecting individual safety.

1 comment:

fritz said...

This story reminds me of a time when our government ordered the killing and internment of native Americans. And advocated the deforestation of the entire country (less then 3% original growth forest remain)

Then screamed to other countries that ethnic cleansing was wrong and Brazil shouldn't cut down their rain forests.

Can anyone ever have faith in a government based on hypocrisy???

I surly can't


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