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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Is Leaking State Secrets a Crime?

Suppose you have evidence of a potential crime, such as a plan to murder someone. You call 911, but the operator doesn't take you seriously. You put the information on the Internet. Someone else finds the information and stops the crime.

Did you do anything wrong? Of course not.

Most things classified as "State secrets" are really "evidence of criminal activity". It isn't immoral to disclose evidence of criminal activity.

State parasites love secrecy. If the slaves knew what they were actually doing, the slaves would object. Evidence of State corruption helps wake up slaves to the scam. The State parasites make up excuses like "We're smarter than you. We have information that you don't." The secret information is the reason secrecy is needed.

For example, Federal Reserve insiders demand secrecy. There is no public disclosure of how much they lend to whom. With negative real interest rates, lending someone money is like giving them money.

If I decide to lend you money, I'm lending my own money I had to work to acquire. It isn't immoral for me to lend you money, unless State favors are involved. If I decide to lend you my own personal money, there's no public disclosure requirement. When Federal Reserve insiders lend money, they're printing and lending new money. The money they lend is stolen from everyone else via inflation, making secrecy immoral.

As another example, politicians usually have secrecy regarding which lobbyists they meet with. That is immoral. State violence forces everyone to obey laws that were written by lobbyists. If politicians didn't have the power to violently impose their will on others, then secrecy would not be immoral. By itself, secrecy is not immoral. Secrecy combined with State power leads to corruption.

The story of Bradley Manning is interesting. He leaked the now-famous video of US soldiers executing journalists and other civilians. Allegedly, he also leaked a bunch of other documents, "diplomatic messages". Many "diplomats" are really State spies. Bradley Manning got caught when he bragged about his exploits to someone else, who turned him in. That shows a risk of freedom activism. There are plenty of slaves willing to rat you out to their master, in exchange for favors.

I'm surprised that Lamo, who turned in Bradley Manning to the Army, isn't roundly decried as a scumbag. Bradley Manning was an idiot for bragging about his exploits to a stranger. Lamo was a contributor to Wikileaks. I wonder if most of the funding for sites like Wikileaks actually comes from undercover State spies. It wouldn't be too hard for an undercover cop to pretend to be a freedom activist and donate money and labor to Wikileaks. If I were a State parasite, "infiltrate Wikileaks" would be a high priority.

According to State parasites, Bradley Manning is a criminal. He was in the Army, which means he doesn't even get a regular trial. He is SOL. It was his mistake for joining the Army in the first place.

Is Bradley Manning a traitor or a hero? Did he leak valuable State secrets? Did he disclose evidence of criminal activity?

I'm not interested in State secrets, because I already know that government is one huge scam. However, evidence of corruption could help wake up some slaves. With the Internet, people have access to information that State parasites would prefer to censor. It doesn't take a YouTube clip of a policeman executing someone for me to know that the State police monopoly is immoral, but that helps wake up others to State crime.

State parasites are hypocritical regarding secrecy. They like to spy on the slaves. They say "If you're doing nothing wrong, then you have nothing to hide!", but it's illegal to videotape an on-duty policeman. State insiders love to keep secrets from the slaves. If State insiders are doing nothing wrong, then why do they have so much secrecy?

The most evil State secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight. "Taxation is theft!" is obvious to anyone who thinks about it, although it contradicts what you were pro-State brainwashed to believe. The details of the monetary system and Federal Reserve are publicly available, but most people are pro-State brainwashed to believe "The USA has a fair monetary system! The President and Congress wouldn't sell us to the banksters!"

"Taxation is theft! Inflation is theft! The USA has an unfair monetary system! Government is one huge extortion racket!" are hidden-in-plain-sight State secrets. Those truths are more dangerous than any other leaked State secret.

Government parasites do not have any legitimate claim to "State secrets". Government parasites have no legitimate ownership claim to anything. "Leaking State secrets!" is really "Disclosing evidence of criminal activity!" Someone who leaks evidence of a crime is a hero, especially when the criminal retaliates for exposing his scam.


Anonymous said...

I agree that "..secrets are the ones hidden in plain sight". The sad thing is that there are a lot of completely open information about the state and most people just do not care or do not understand. This year govt spent more than it collected in taxes. To cover the deficit they ordered FRB to print more money. The amount of money printed exceeds tax receipts. This shows that bureaucrats do not even need to collect taxes - they can always print more money and the next question is why would not they disband IRS and finance themselves by "borrowing" directly from FRB.In this light taxes are not that bad compared to "borrowing" from FRB. The scary thing is that the national debt(read amount of money printed) has started to increase exponentially. And as we know exponential growth of money supply quickly results in hyperinflation. Ask yourself if you had an opportunity to legally(just like the Congress) print as much money for as you wanted would you ever stop? Another interesting question is why would not they print even more money. If it is possible to print on trillion then why it is not possible to print 2 trillion, 3 trillion etc

FSK said...

State parasites do need taxes.

Without the income tax, people could boycott the State's paper money and use real money (gold/silver).
The income tax and Federal Reserve are two closely linked evils.

Taxes drain the surplus productivity from the economy, giving the profits to State parasites. Taxes are more loot for State parasites. Taxes ensure that slaves have insufficient resources to start new businesses or improve their conditions.

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