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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Out of the Hospital

I'm out of the hospital. My parents are going to allow me to withdraw from the psychiatric poison.

In a fit of panic, I deleted my blog. I recovered it.

It might take awhile before I'm actively posting again. Those drugs are nasty, but I was on a lower dose.

I made another order of magnitude progress cracking my pro-State brainwashing. I thought I was done. It really is nasty.

I was doing *SO* well. It looks like my employer will let me keep my job. I'm going to take a week and a half off.


Anonymous said...

Hang on there FSK. You have our support.

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

get well soon

fritz said...

Stay well fsk. And take good care of your self please. There is nothing wrong with taking time away from your blog. We will still be here when your are ready to write again.

Take care


dionysusal said...

When you feel up to it, could you amplify on your magnitude progress cracking your pro-State brainwashing?

FSK said...

It's another higher level of emotional awareness, especially regarding women. They were sometimes acting interested and sometimes uninterested. That was confusing.

dionysusal said...

Women... ha! I tame 'em like Siegfried & Roy tame tigers. Sometimes I'm kind to 'em.. sometimes I crack the whip and make 'em jump. For instance, take my wife (please)...

fritz said...

OMG FSK..women ....... They have been messing with men from the get go. They don't know what they want in a man because most Don't know which emotion they are dealing with at the present moment.

Early on in school I learned of the Sirens of Greek mythology. This model has served me well over the years.Woman don't consciously mean to be like this. But often times things end up like the Greek myth.

When dealing with woman put wax in your ears and tell the captain to sail on.

Wishes of peace and health FSK


Anonymous said...

Some say women are imponderable.

Well men are imponderable.

Basically both men and women are a mixture of good and bad.

Men and women may change their minds, don't know what they want, may be both good and bad...

Are there differences between men and women?

A friend of mine once said that his girlfriend said that women want a man to be the provider.

In the film Scarface, Tony Montana said once that first get the power, then you get the woman...

I do feel that once you have wealth you have access to the opposite sex.

Is this wrong it today's "liberated" world? Or just a bare statement of facts that most people aren't honest enough to admit to.

Basically there has to be a match between a man and a women, whether it be wealth, position, looks...

Of course if you are lower down the scale, then things are different.

If you have nothing things are easy.

If you have lots things are easy.

But what about the people in the middle?

Anonymous said...

With that kind of thinking no wonder you guys have trouble with the ladies.

Nice to see you out of the hospital,

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at