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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Illusion of State Omnipotence

A lot of people assume that the State and State employees are magically blessed with omnipotence and omniscience. For example, a lot of people say "Tax resistance is too dangerous. I'll almost definitely get caught."

Of course, mainstream media indoctrination plays a large role in this. There also is the effect of schooling. However, there are more subtle factors than this.

Suppose I tell my friends or relatives "Taxation is theft!" They'll say "Don't be silly. Taxes aren't theft. Taxes necessary for a stable society. They're a necessary cost of modern life." If I didn't have enough self-discipline, I would forget my independent thinking and conform. Now, I know not to mention my free market ideas to friends and relatives and coworkers, because they'll be offended.

At no time was it necessary for a policeman to violently censor me. It was sufficient for my friends and relatives to censor me. At the time, they actually think they're doing a good thing, by correcting my abnormal behavior. If my friends and relatives had sincere malicious intent, it wouldn't work. It only works because my friends and relatives sincerely believe they're doing the right thing.

Of course, when you start to subconsciously realize what is going on, you have a panic/manic attack, and you are involuntarily hospitalized and labeled with a "mental illness". You are then given drugs that prevent you from thinking, and are told you must take them for the rest of your life. I've managed to "break through" to the other side. It's frustrating, because I can't explain what's going on to the people around me. I don't voice my free market ideas, unless the other person has already indicated they're openminded.

About 50-100 years ago or more, the bad guys realized the merits of this technique. Instead of relying on police all the time, rely on people to censor/reprimand each other. Once the vast majority are brainwashed, then it becomes self-perpetuating.

Right now, I am nearly hopelessly outnumbered by the pro-State trolls. Since real truth is on my side, a true free market should win eventually. I already see some cracks in The Matrix, based on discussions I see elsewhere. The key is to find a group of people where virtuous behavior can be positively reinforced. The Internet is great at facilitating this. I'm getting good feedback, even though I don't have any in-person agorist trading partners yet.

In the past few years, you frequently hear "If you see something suspicious, report it to the police!" If I persistently spread my free market ideas, that becomes "something suspicious that you report to the police". I'm working on gradually converting the people around me, but it's a slow process. Hopefully, when I switch to practical agorism, I'll be able to find like-minded people as in-person trading partners. If I require my agorist trading partners to understand the philosophy, then that limits the extent to which undercover cops can infiltrate the free market. Hopefully, an undercover cop probably won't be able to fake being an agorist without also breaking his pro-State brainwashing.

If you say "I'm sane and everyone else is crazy!", then that is considered to be evidence that you have a mental illness. However, such conditioning is necessary to maintain the scam. That's the way a world where everyone is crazy becomes a stable fixed point. If you believe "Taxation is not theft!", then you fit my definition of crazy. Anybody who deviates is brought back in line, unless you're someone with as much stubbornness/intelligence as me.

Whenever someone doesn't conform with the Statist propaganda, they are reprimanded by the people around them. This creates the illusion of State omnipotence. It creates the illusion that the State has the power to spy on everyone all the time, and violently enforce its will. At some point in the past, did someone intentionally arrange this? Or, did it evolve by a series of bad decisions and coincidences? Either way, this is wrong and should stop.


AzraelsJudgement said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

If taxes were voluntary, they'd be called donations.

fritz said...

They should just stop the bull,and call it tribute. At least everyone could be up front about it.

It does make sense to brain wash the public. If you make people believe it is their civic duty to pay their taxes. And some how if you do you can feel patriotic about it. Than that is much easier than forced submission.

We are free people(they have us believe)But we have to pay tribute,Use their federal reserve points as our currency. Lease our own land from the land lords(State).Vaccinate our children with state medicine.Take in floride against our will(sure you can buy bottled water,But what happens when you take a shower?)

Pay for a license at every turn,register this, excise that. The more police the better, more government more government,Lets regulate peoples rights to make them do whats correct.

The reason why critical thinking,and introduction to basic law, as well the bill of rights, Are not taught in public schools. Is because when the children were grow, the system that depends on mindless sheepeople for its very existence would cease to be.

I say free market,no government. The people will know what to do,and how to act. Just let people do whats natural and they will do the right thing. You can not regulate morality.



Anonymous said...

All true.

In my case, people just ignore my views. I think they find them too close to the truth, the logic is compelling and emotionally people are not willing to let go of their pet beliefs which they have grown to love and causes great turmoil to go against their indoctrination.

Look at the films Logans Run, or The Trueman Show. Trueman suspects something is wrong, but is frightened to find the truth.

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