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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Michael Phelps Marijuana Fnord

Someone took a photograph of Michael Phelps smoking marijuana. This story has generated a surprising amount of press coverage.

The evil fnord is "Smoking marijuana is a crime!" I don't know of any mainstream media source that has said "The State ban on marijuana is a bad law!"

Marijuana really is bad for you, for the same reason that anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs are bad for you. Any drug that messes with your brain chemistry is damaging.

The State ban on marijuana is a bad law, even though marijuana is harmful. The ban presumes that you are the property of the State. When you smoke marijuana, you're damaging State property!

Also, the Michael Phelps story distracts attention from other issues, such as the multi-trillion dollar financial industry bailout. The bailout isn't just the explicit amount allocated by Congress. The Federal Reserve is also bailing out the financial industry via inflation and a Fed Funds Rate of 0%-0.25%.

The Michael Phelps marijuana story is an evil fnord, because it reinforces the propaganda "Smoking marijuana is a crime!" The Michael Phelps story distracts attention from other issues.


fritz said...

I wish michael would have just given everyone the finger. And said "I had my time in the lime light,I am the best in the world,You fuc%s have nothing on me,I will do as I please with my life"

But he still wants the system to accept him. So he says "I made a bad choice,sorry I won't do that again"

He still wants money through advertisements,I understand,They have him by the balls.

an Inside story, you might know this by now. Our government allows drugs to be smuggled into the country. But the deal is that they get payed off. They crack down on others who are not in on the plan. Making them look like they are trying their best to stop the flow.And of course now they have hidden funds for hidden projects.

That which you resist persists. we are the most waring nation on earth.There is the war on,Drugs,poverty,terrorism,etc,

How long do we have to fight before we realize we should give up and let things just correct them selves.

If you want something,you should promote it.and that which you dont want will fall away. Thats why when you fight against something you just make it stronger.

Did you ever wonder why in the schools they teach( say no to drugs) instead if ( a healthy lifestyle) which by the way doesn't include drugs. Because they know that children do exactly the opposite of what you tell them to do.They are secretly promoting the drug trade right under the noses of parents. Who are oblivious to the laws of nature..

Anyway,,,enjoy your weekend people!! Fritz

Anonymous said...


Imagine if Phelps would have responded like a man saying "it's not any of your godd**n business what I smoked" and just left it at that. Like many people, he's too worried about the financial consequences of expressing his true thoughts on the matter. Who exactly did Phelps harm by hitting the bong?

Anonymous said...

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Now for the purpose of this post...
I was reading a horoscope element and I thought about your panic attacks. Hell this even makes sense when considering your angle on the world. Anyway it would be interesting (and extremely rare) if you actually had this aspect. Nevertheless I think it fits. If I knew you personally, there is a good chance we'd be friends. Just letting you know there are people on the internet who feel the same way about things that you do.

Anyway...on to the post. I have a feeling you will not be much into astrology, most rational minds consider it complete hooey, and that's fine. But hey...I could be wrong.

This totally sounds like someone breaking with pro-state brainwashing. It is a permanent (birth horoscope) aspect, as opposed to a transit.

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