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Monday, August 4, 2008

Who Believes the Anthrax Case was Solved?

This story (cited many other places) was interesting. The investigation of the anthrax incidents in 2001 is officially over. Allegedly, the prime suspect committed suicide. How can we be sure if he actually committed suicide, or was set up to look like a suicide?

The anthrax virus was a match for samples from his lab. However, that does not prove that he personally was responsible. Many people had access to his lab.

The official story is "case closed". This seems suspicious to me. It's very convenient to pin the blame on a dead person.

It is possible that he figured out that the anthrax virus was stolen from his lab. On the other hand, he probably would have figured that out pretty quickly. Perhaps he was going to tell other people that the anthrax virus was stolen from his lab?

Even if the official story were true, that means that state bureaucrats do a really lousy job screening the workers in their labs. The official story is that a lab that contains virus samples much more deadly than anthrax (Ebola, etc.) was run by someone who is insane.

The anthrax incident, combined with the World Trade Center attack, was used as an excuse for a sharp increase in State power.

Does anybody believe the official explanation? This person, who conveniently just died, was solely responsible for the anthrax scare? Conveniently, he was not announced as a suspect until after he died, so he could not be publicly questioned.


Anonymous said...

Why, I believe everything the government tells me! Why, don't you?

thomasblair said...

It could be the case that the FBI hounded the man to the point where he committed suicide.

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