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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Policeman Cult

Did you notice that Jehova's Witnesses always travel in pairs? If one person starts questioning their brainwashing, their partner keeps their thoughts in line. If necessary, a deviant can be reported to their superiors.

I lived in an apartment building where two Mormons on a "mission" were living. They always traveled in pairs.

If there were a solitary cult member, there is a possibility that they would meet someone who would convince them to start thinking for themselves. Cults need their members to always travel in pairs, so that the members can always keep each other under surveillance.

Similarly, policemen always travel in pairs. I used to think it was for mutual self-defense; if one policeman was injured, the other could call for assistance. Policemen are a type of cult. Policemen travel in pairs for the same reason Jehova's Witnesses travel in pairs. Policemen are members of a cult, and cultists can't be allowed to start thinking for themselves. If a policeman started thinking independently, his partner would correct him or report him to his superiors.

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Anonymous said...

The more I think about it, the more this makes sense.

On top of keeping potentially free thinkers in line, this is also a "beneficial" practice even when both enforcers are throughly brainwashed. It's pretty well established that groups make more extreme judgments than individuals, because responsibility is shared. By putting enforcers in pairs, the people at the top ensure that on average, that group judgment skew is applied to enforcing their decrees.

It also gives enforcers another leg up on the rest of us in terms of physical power. For example, those few videos recently of cops perpetrating unprovoked attacks against bicyclists in front of huge crowds. Would the enforcer have done that if he didn't have another hired goon right next to him, who he knew would automatically assist him in his attack and help intimidate the witnesses to prevent them from doing anything about the attack while it was taking place? Maybe. Maybe not.

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