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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FSK Asks - What's a Good RSS Reader?

I'm annoyed with Google Reader, over one minor defect. Google Reader automatically removes items from your RSS folder after 30 days. I don't always have time to read through my full RSS feed. There are a lot of feeds in my "hitlist" folder, that I'm evaluating but don't have time to search through.

On the Google Reader discussion forum, a bunch of people have been asking "Give us more than 30 days before RSS items expire, or make it a configuration setting!" That was several months ago. This is a minor fix that should take at most a day. It hasn't been implemented, even though quite a few people have asked for it. I'm starting to get concerned that Google is no longer relevant.

I'm on the market for a new RSS reader. Zed Shaw said he wanted a decent RSS reader, but he wanted one with a nice keyboard interface. Why doesn't he write his own? I'm interested in either a mouse or keyboard interface.

The features I want in my RSS reader are:

  1. It may be either web-based or a Windows desktop application.
  2. It must be able to load my current subscriptions from Google Reader. Google Reader supports "export subscriptions to xml", and any serious reader probably supports this feature.
  3. It must support folders or tagging.
  4. It must not automatically expire items after a certain period of time.
  5. It should be convenient for me to read through my RSS feed, or leave items unread.
  6. Google Reader lets me explicitly mark items read/unread, rather than automatically marking them read as they appear onscreen.
Does anybody know a good RSS reader? Someone suggested "RSS Bandit", but I looked at it and didn't like the UI.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy with Bloglines (

Ansiao said...

I tried a bunch of them and Google Reader still was the best.

You may "Star" (press s) an item, and use the starred items as a second reading list.

David_Z said...

I "star" items all the time, but those get lost in an unfilterable list of all starred items. AFAIK. Admittedly, I probably just don't know what I'm doing...

This Blog Has Moved!

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