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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

FSK Asks - How do you do an HTML Table in Blogger?

I give up. Does anyone know how to do an HTML table in Blogger? Tell me exactly what to enter in the "edit html" field. Blogger mangles the html code after I paste it, for some bizarre reason.

Here another try of a table of Treasury Bond Yields. It's showing up weird in Blogger's compose mode.

The table came out correctly, but there's a huge mysterious blob of whitespace. The table also appeared differently in my RSS feed and on my blog homepage.

Fed Funds Rate3.0%
3 month2.2%
6 month2.02%
2 year1.9%
3 year1.9%
5 year2.68%
10 year3.65%
30 year4.45%


David_Z said...

Weird. I haven't tried to do tables in WordPress, but I noticed that in blogger, previously. No answer, unfortunately. I've noticed that WP mangles some of my otherwise valid HTML, especially relating to IMG ALIGN tags, BR tags, and DIV tags, and EMBED or OBJECT tags.

Most of the time, as long as I publish (without saving & previewing) they turn out OK. But if I later return to edit the post, I have to re-insert the tags correctly...

The alternative is unfortunately, to "Paste Special" an .xls table as an Enhanced Metafile, which is basically an image file. Not good for the user who wants to copy and paste it, however...

Zhwazi said...

Number of times you used a hard return to format your table in monospace: about 35 (counting the br tags in page source)

Number of spaces between your first paragraph and your table: about 35.

Connection? Just a thought.

Try deleting all your hard returns so the table code looks like an occasionally-spaced long block paragraph. That should fix it.

The browser probably doesn't know where to put all these BR tags so it puts them before the table which you haven't finished defining yet.

This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at