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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 and the Yahoo/Microsoft Merger

According to some sources, the Microsoft/Yahoo merger is a waste of time. Both Microsoft and Yahoo take the "walled garden" approach to the Internet. Google takes the "open community" approach. Google is winning in the marketplace, because the "open community" approach is superior to the "walled garden" approach.

I've been using for awhile. was bought out by Yahoo. There's one thing about that has me convinced that Yahoo is a ****ed up company. is a neat tool, but it has quite a few obvious flaws. is COMPLETELY UNCHANGED compared to how it was when I first started using it.

Can you imagine a Google product behaving that way? Pretty much all of Google's products have had their obvious flaws fixed. For example, gmail shows a polish that Yahoo mail quite frankly lacks.

When I see not rolling out any major software enhancements in a long time, my reaction is "Yahoo is a ****ed up company."

Surprisingly, Yahoo is fighting Microsoft's takeover bid. If I were a Yahoo shareholder, my attitude would be "sell while you can still get something".

I conducted a brief experiment with "Google Bookmarks". To my complete astonishment, it didn't import from properly. It lost all my tags! leaves a lot to be desired, but I couldn't find anything better after 15 minutes of searching.

Does anyone know of an online bookmarking site that's better than I haven't found anything better yet. I was astonished that Google Bookmarks didn't import from properly.

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gyakusetsu said...

There are some tools that people have written to do the import for you. Trust is obviously an issue.

Here is one example:

This Blog Has Moved!

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