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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stupid Psychiatrist

Because I relapsed, I'm forced to start seeing a psychiatrist and therapist again. Legally, I'm not forced to go. However, my parents would object if I said "I don't want to waste time with these fools."

It was interesting to observe my new psychiatrist. I'm refusing to take the drugs/poison, and she can't legally force me to take them. I noticed that every psychiatrist asks the exact same questions! It seemed that I didn't even need to be there. She was mindlessly asking questions and filling out forms. By now, I've figured out the "correct" answers to the questions.

My psychiatrist was obviously pretty stupid. It's the type of stupid you have to spend years working at. It's similar to the way politicians act professionally stupid if someone asks them "Is taxation theft?" It seems that psychiatrists are brainwashed to ignore feedback from patients, so they don't notice they're hurting them.

Every psychiatrist asks the same questions. I've memorized the correct answers. Some of the "correct" answers are false. For example, one question is "Can you see secret messages on TV?" You're supposed to say "no". However, there really are obvious secret messages when you watch TV. The secret messages are very obvious, now that I've cracked my pro-State brainwashing. They reinforce that you're supposed to think and act in a certain way.

That question makes me really suspicious. It seems like the psychiatry/murder industry is designed to silence people who start achieving greater awareness. Why is it wrong to see secret messages on TV, when they're actually there? One recent example was the 60 Minutes story on "illegal immigration", which had a secret hidden message "The law banning illegal immigration is valid."

Having a therapist is also dangerous. You can wind up substituting the therapist's judgement for your own. For example, I might do what my therapist wants me to do, instead of what I want to do. I'm aware of the intellectual trap now, so I shouldn't be fooled.

It seems that the therapist's job is to re-pro-State brainwash me, rather than help me discover the real truth. That can make the therapist worse than useless. After my ex-therapist called the police when I fired her, I don't see how I can trust a State-licensed therapist.

You really can't discuss anything important with your therapist. For example, none of my therapists were willing to seriously discuss "Taxation is theft!" or "The USA has a corrupt monetary system!" Their assumption is that I am defective, and there are no large-scale problems affecting everyone.

It's annoying that I'm forced to waste time seeing a clueless therapist and psychiatrist. Now that I know how their scam works, they shouldn't be able to hurt me. However, it's still risky. As long as I refuse the drugs/poison, my psychiatrist can't hurt me. It also is risky, because they can call 911 and have me involuntarily hospitalized. As long as I don't relapse, the risk of that is low.

As long as I know to trust my own judgement, my therapist won't be able to re-pro-State brainwash me. Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid relapsing. After a few years without relapsing, I'll stop seeing them.

I feel that I've made more progress cracking my pro-State brainwashing. I'm noticing more favorable reactions from coworkers and women. I don't feel like I'm doing anything different, but I'm getting better reactions. My logical mental state must be getting better synchronized with my emotional mental state. I feel that I'm still making progress.

It's annoying that I had to relapse so many times when cracking my pro-State brainwashing. It's annoying that the "mental health" system only offers treatment options that are worse than useless.


Kevin said...

I love your blog keep it up. I know just how you feel. Most people are unwilling or flat out REFUSE to see the gun in the room. For me the best way to peak peoples interests in conversations is to ask them questions on the usefulness of the state. Ask if there are any alternatives. Also to force them to solve the same problems that they present. Which they never can but expect you to. Just remember there is no utopia. BUT there is freedom!!

Scott said...

Well yeah. I had to take the MMPI for a security clearance and I answered all the questions honestly. "Are people out to get you?" Yes. (This is true for anyone who has worked for any institution, whether corporation or bureaucracy, or in academia, or freelance. You have political enemies and competitors. They are out to get you. This is true.

"Do you sometimes feel like you are being followed?" Of course. I've been followed by the police several times, then detained and questioned.

Hear voices? Fuck, doesn't everyone?

Your point about secret messages on the TV is a good one. Of course you are right, there are even overt secret messages — Magazine ads have subliminal messages added. Subliminal messages in TV have been banned, but they are still there. But getting away from those, you have a great point. Every reframing of a question and implied assumption is part of the propaganda agenda of mass media.

Anyway, after my evaluation there was an interview and I brought all this stuff up. The psych said there was no indication I was insane. I said "I answered that I hear voices, isn't that a sure sign in your opinion?" He said "Nope. Joan of Arc heard voices and she was a successful military commander. Mother Teresa heard voices and she won a Nobel Peace Prize."

Even the clinically psychotic though are now known to be MORE in touch with reality, not less. That's why muttering smelly homeless people are so dysfunctional! They see what is really going on and its very depressing.

Here's one of many studies on this.

Study proves that schizophrenics see things MORE accurately than the "sane". They are more perceptive and aware, and that awareness is defined in medicine as "psychotic detachment from reality".

Anonymous said...

If a psychiatrist or therapist calls 911 to have you confined in a mental hospital and if you feel that you are being falsely confined than don't you have the legal right to sue the police and or psychiatrist and or therapist for false confinement? After all people or more specifically patients should be justified in taking legal action against inept or unjust psychiatrists and therapists.

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