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Friday, May 28, 2010

Police With Assault Rifles

I saw something amusing/offensive. In downtown Manhattan during rush hour, two policemen with assault rifles were standing in the subway, by the turnstiles.

Under what circumstances would they actually use the assault rifles? Are they really going to fire them into a crowded subway?

Even if there were terrorists, it would be one or two guys with a bomb. I can't imagine any scenario where an assault rifle would be useful.

The police were probably there for intimidation purposes. They're providing the illusion of security, while accomplishing nothing.

I thought about saying "Hey stupid! What do you think you're doing?" I didn't feel like provoking a confrontation. I don't fit their target profile. They didn't notice me.

The policemen seemed to sort of know that they were doing something ridiculous. They were standing there trying to look tough.

Someone told me that the police with assault rifles are deployed only when a VIP visits. When the President visits, there's an announcement. When other VIPs visit, there's no public announcement. Most/all people probably wouldn't even recognize them. Many high-ranking State insiders are never publicly mentioned. There may have been some VIPs visiting downtown Manhattan, on the day those police were deployed. It is interesting that State insiders are so scared that they deployed those police, even though there was no public announcement of anything important.

The police with assault rifles are an example of State waste and intimidation. I can't imagine any scenario where an assault rifle would be useful on the subway. The police were probably ordered to just stand there and look tough. They probably would not have stopped a turnstile-jumper or pickpocket, even if they noticed it.


Anonymous said...

Just to add to the hillarity... an ad for careers with the FBI with a picture of a guy with an assault rifle appeared on your page while I was reading this... perfect comic timing...

I love reading your editorials... almost as fun as playing bridge together in the cafeteria...

Scott said...

I remember visiting Mexico City and seeing police with assault rifles. My father, who is ex-military, said "See son, this is the difference between a police state and a free country like ours."

fritz said...

I lived in germany back in the early 80's and remember the police standing on the street corners with 9mm uzi's. And I remember thinking the same thing.What are they going to do,hose down the crowed? Whats worse with the AR's is that they shoot a .223 round. Which at close range(like the subway)will rip right through a person and cause collateral damage, even if a bad guy actually needed to be stopped.

I think the message they were sending was...we are carrying these Ar 15's in the subway because we can..

Nice post fsk

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