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Monday, May 31, 2010

Heart Disease and Brushing Your Teeth

This story had an obvious logical fallacy. Brushing your teeth regularly prevents heart disease! Do you see the error?

This is "correlation confused with causation". It's believable that people who brush their teeth regularly have good health habits overall, and are therefore less likely to develop heart disease.

This is a common mistake by the State media/science engine. Correlation is not the same as causation.


Anonymous said...

They say you can catch syphilis if you have a cavity in a tooth.

The mouth is a major entry point for germs into the body.

I'm sure bacteria can enter if you have inflamed, bleeding gums.

We shouldn't really eat refined foods such as sugar, bread and pasta. This is the problem. Tooth decay caused by these foods is the least of the problems.

Anonymous said...

Herbert Shelton, an alternative medicist, wrote extensively on the fallacies of modern medicine. I've read some of his works.

"Allopathic school", as he called it, is the prevalent view in medicine today. It means that allopathic doctors only look to cure the effects of diseases, not the diseases itself. It's true. I've yet to find a modern pill or cure that didn't try to patch up an effect of some entirely other cause, quite amazingly.

According to him (and not only him), germs are not the cause of disease, but improper food, which will cripple the body's natural healing abilities.

Shelton fearlessly challenged big pharma and the allopath syndicate. Too bad there is not much opposition to big pharma in our present time.

FSK said...

Any doctor who questions mainstream medicine risks having his license revoked.

That's what happened to Andrew Wakefield.

That's another evil of State licensing cartels. Anyone who questions the cartel has their license revoked.

Scott said...

There are strong correlations between gum disease, which affects the wealthy and the poor, and heart disease. Research on this has been going on for decades. Germs enter the bloodstream through infected gums and create problems for the heart.

Diet is a factor as well. Homogenized milk is not good for you because the xanthine oxidase is unbound from fat and able to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, where it scratches arteries and causes arteriosclerosis.

The industrialized milk industry has of course spent much time attacking this research, paying lobbyists to bury it and defund researchers.

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