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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Reverend Wright Fnord

Reverend Wright is a pastor who has made comments critical of the USA. He was Obama's pastor in Chicago. Via (a variation of) the Strawman Fallacy, Reverend Wright's opinion is the same as Obama's opinion. Therefore, Obama is unqualified to be President.

Obama has an easy response to this fake criticism. He correctly says "Reverend Wright's views are not my personal views. Just because he's my former pastor, doesn't mean I automatically endorse everything he says."

Obama is being set up to be the next President. Such obviously fake criticism allows Obama to be the rational voice.

The whole Reverend Wright story is a fnord that says "Obama will be President!" Based on the fnords I'm seeing, my prediction is that Obama will be the next US President.


thomasblair said...

Every politician has their own version of Rev. Wright. Is the similar (as yet less publicized but rapidly picking up steam) story about the relationship between McCain and John Hagee a fnord indicative of McCain's eventual ascension to the throne?

Anonymous said...

Thomas Blair is correct. All politicians have some "crazy" person they could be some how connected to.

The McCain/Hagee story is nothing more than mainstream media (ie.Obama supporters) getting back at Talk Radio (mainly Sean Hannity) for the Rev. Wright Story. The comparison between one of hundreds, if not thousands of endorsements a Presidential Candidate receives and a 20-year close spiritual adviser is weak to say the least. The only thing that really connects them is the word Reverend in front of their names.

But it allows the Obama supporting mainstream media to say, "Obama got a crazy preacher. Now McCain got a crazy preacher. So vote for Obama or you're a racist."

Same as every other day between now and the election.

This Blog Has Moved!

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