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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Relationship Discussion #2

Joey from the Freedom Symposium posted a response to my article on Non-Abusive Dating/Relationship Techniques.

The problem with NLP is that it only works on people who are *ALREADY* the victim of pro-State brainwashing. If you haven't been subjected to pro-State brainwashing, then NLP won't work on you. NLP won't work on someone who's *ALREADY* able to think independently.

My goal is to meet someone who's partially resistant to pro-State brainwashing, so using NLP tactics would be a bad idea for me.

It is possible for people to partially or fully break their pro-State brainwashing. The more someone has learned to think independently, the less NLP tactics will work. It is possible for someone to think like a true anarchist/agorist, yet still have personal issues that prevent them from having true freedom. You need *BOTH* the ability to think independently politically, and personally.

The ideal perfect partner does not exist. It's best to find someone who's made a reasonable amount of progress, and then work towards educating them further.

I'm wondering if appearance *IS* a good indicator, by itself. Is it possible to tell, just by someone's appearance and body language, their ability to think independently?

You can for sure see this kind of master/slave mentality in the marketing in the Seduction community. Such phrases as "alpha male", "beta male", "average frustrated chump", and so on litter the forums and books of these folks. They use this language to get the guy reading it thinking he can be better than other guys by scoring with the women that will fall for the stuff he later learns.

This is a misuse of "alpha". Here, "alpha" means "abusive jerk". This is not a *TRUE* alpha, who leads through confidence and example. This is another aspect of pro-State brainwashing, where "alpha" typically means "violently imposes their will on others".

Any woman who blocks such attempts, regardless of what a good quality woman she is, gets kicked to the curb so Mr. Macho man can find easier girls to pick up. So much the better for the mature woman!

There's a problem with this. If 99.9% of the people are playing "The Game", then a woman who behaves honestly may find herself without any partners at all! In this way, negative behavior is *VERY* self reinforcing if *NEARLY EVERYONE* is doing it!

I think there's "positive teasing" and "negative teasing". Educating someone is a form of teasing, especially when pro-State brainwashing is so pervasive.

Well, as for the taxation thing, I am not sure why that is important for therapy.

You should be able to explain everything you're thinking about to your therapist. If you can't explain "Taxation is theft!" to them, then how good a therapist are they really?

It's not clear where the optimal place to go meet women is. In a bar or nightclub, you get to meet a lot of people at once. You can meet women at the supermarket, but they aren't in the "meet men" mindframe at that time.

If you're honest with someone, that's not the same as vulnerable. You can be honest *WITHOUT* letting someone else take advantage of you.

"Real time relationships" refers to two aspects. You *CAN* use "real time relationship" techniques to improve a preexisting relationship forced on you, such as your parents. This is preferable to freedomain's advice, which is to entirely abandon abusive relationships. Ideally, you can have a "real time relationship" with a new person, from the beginning.

The key of a "real time relationship" is providing *IMMEDIATE* negative feedback when the other person does something you don't like. Delayed negative feedback is a mind control technique. Immediate negative feedback educates people.

Also, it's acceptable for someone to change their viewpoints. I doubt I could be converted back from agnostic/anarchist to Christian/Statist, but I'd consider the possibility. Someone doesn't have to be an anarchist when I meet them. They merely have to be sufficiently openminded. If they're closed-minded, they'll probably be disgusted by me in the first place.

There's no "optimal post length". I consider the ideal post to be as long as it is. I have some popular short posts, and popular longer ones.

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