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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ralph Nader, Corporate Advocate

Activists like Ralph Nader play an important role supporting the State and large corporations. They create the illusion that there is free speech, without serious debate occurring.

What does Ralph Nader do? He notices that one type of product is unsafe. He lobbies for more government regulation of that industry. Increased government regulation squeezes out small manufacturers. A large corporation can more easily afford the cost of regulation compliance, compared with a small corporation.

Of course, Ralph Nader wouldn't be a convincing corporate advocate if he realized what was happening. Ralph Nader himself sincerely believes he's opposing the bad guys, when he's really supporting them!

Ralph Nader's Presidential campaign is another instance of The Voting Scam. Ralph Nader is falsely blamed for Bush winning instead of Al Gore. Under the rules of a corrupt election system, voters who expressed their preference for Nader forfeit their opportunity to express their preference for Gore over Bush. Ralph Nader sometimes mentions that the rules of the electoral system make it impossible to successfully form a third party. It's theoretically possible, but in practice it's impossible.

Gore and Bush are essentially the same. In *EVERY* election, the two candidates presented by both parties are virtually identical. It is impossible to reform the current economic and political system by voting. Al Gore would *NEVER* have been presented as a serious candidate for President unless he was controlled by the Supreme Leader of Humanity.

Ralph Nader only attracted a small percentage of the vote. The mainstream media touts this saying "People aren't really interested in third parties!" They don't point out that the rules of the political system are defective.

Ralph Nader presents the illusion that real political debate is occurring. Ralph Nader says "There should be a government." That makes him part of the problem and not part of the solution. Ralph Nader distracts people from discovering agorism.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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