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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The China Experiment

In the USA, there still is the presumption of things like "freedom of the press" and "freedom of speech". In the USA, there still is the presumption that individual people control their government, even though that isn't how it works in practice. In many other countries, writing a blog like mine would be a crime. In the USA, anyone who tried to prosecute me for the contents of my blog would probably be laughed out of court. In the USA, mainstream media sources uniformly spout the official corporate party line. In other countries, violence is typically needed to keep rogue newspapers in check.

In spite of an incredibly corrupt monetary system and taxation system, the USA still is one of the most economically productive countries in the world. Even though the rules of the economic system are incredibly biased against individuals, there still is a lot of economic growth generated by small business owners. Individual freedom allows innovation from individuals IN SPITE of the huge obstacles. In other countries, the obstacles to small business owners are EVEN BIGGER.

According to what I've read, in China, there is no presumption of the individual freedoms that the average person in the USA experiences. In order to get a permit to start a business, an individual must spend a lot of time, deal with a lot of bureaucracy, and bribe many Communist party members. These restrictions are being relaxed somewhat, and China's economy is growing.

Obviously, the Supreme Leader of Humanity controls China's government as much as he controls the US government. What is the Supreme Leader of Humanity trying to accomplish in China?

Some people say that China is an experiment. Is it possible to have a USA-style booming economy when you:

  • deny people freedom of speech
  • deny people the right to communicate freely
  • deny people the illusion that they have the right to choose their leaders by voting
I suspect the answer is "You can't have a booming economy lacking all the above." The bad guys are hoping that China will prove the answer is "You can have a booming economy lacking the above", and use China as the model for the future US economy. Currently, the booming Chinese economy is really US companies relocating their factories to China, using production techniques developed in the USA. China won't reach the level of innovation present in the US or Japan, unless they allow their citizens the ability to think independently. Currently, a lot of factories are being developed in China, but you don't hear of many new technologies being invented in China. Contrast that with Japan, which contributes many inventions in the area of electronics and software.

I think that the Supreme Leader of Humanity is setting up China's government to collapse the same way the US government is being set up to collapse. China needs to allow individuals to have an advanced communication network, because of the huge productivity gains such a network allows. That will eventually break the Chinese government's monopoly of information. Even though China spies on the Internet heavily, it becomes very hard to prosecute everyone, and people will start setting up private networks.

Blogging sites are heavily restricted in China. I read that if you set up an "invitation only" blogging network, you aren't harassed by the Chinese authorities as much.

China's government spies on the Internet heavily. To avoid frivolous harassment, businesses respond by strong-encrypting all their traffic. This make it impractical for the government to spy on everyone.

I'm pretty sure that the Supreme Leader of Humanity's plan is for a global collapse of all governments. Allowing the average person in China to have access to the Internet helps achieve that goal.

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This Blog Has Moved!

My blog has moved. Check out my new blog at