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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The International Banking Cartel Supports Communism and Agorism

The international banking cartel secretly funded Carl Marx and his research on the Communist Manifesto. If you go to the British Museum you will find two checks for several thousand pounds made out to Carl Marx, and signed by Nathan Rothschild!

Why would the international banking cartel support the development of communism?

The Communist Manifesto was first published in 1848. The precursor philosophies to agorism were also published around that time. For example, Bastiat's "The Law" was published in 1850.

Is it possible that the international banking cartel supported Carl Marx, along with Bastiat, Mises, and Rothbard? Is there evidence of who funded their research?

Perhaps the international banking cartel realized that establishing a global communist dictatorship is a prerequisite to establishing a global free market? Is that the true goal of the international banking cartel? Do they want a true global free market, without any governments at all?

Suppose the ideas of agorism are opposed to the international banking cartel's goals. The international banking cartel has the capability of killing all the people who write about agorism. It's very easy to arrange for someone to die in an accident. If the international banking cartel really wanted to suppress an agorist revolution, it could easily kill off the 100 people who write about agorism most clearly.

This has not happened, so I interpret this as an endorsement of agorism.


Zhwazi said...

But why support agorism?

Perhaps the Supreme Leader of Humanity may simply observe small people with big ideas, and not meddle with them. If the big idea should become popular, then the SLoH can deal with it through misappropriation of the term, hijacking and misinterpreting until the movement is paralyzed in fracture and the idea behind it is lost in the "pragmatic" imitators. Agorism may be intellectually inundated with red-market pretenders, who then need only be loudest to either form a Libertarian Trap or a weak movement.

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This Blog Has Moved!

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