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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Government Subsidized Roads

Contrary to popular belief, government-subsidized roads are a huge scam. People are forced to fund roads via taxes, primarily taxes on gasoline.

The problem is that trucks damage roads 1000x more than cars, but don't pay 1000x the road taxes or user fees. Some sources say that trucks damage roads 10,000x or 25,000x as much as a single passenger car. It varies by the size of the truck, road conditions, and weather conditions. I couldn't find a proper scientific study, and there's no incentive for the government to fund such a study.

Government-funded roads are, in effect, a huge subsidy to people who transport things by truck.

Who benefits from this subsidy? The owners of large corporations benefit. Large centralized factories are only possible with government-subsidized roads. Large corporations don't have to pay the true cost of transporting their goods to their customers. The cost is directly paid by the customers themselves, via taxes. Even if an individual didn't buy products from large corporations, he would still be paying for their transportation costs via taxes.

People pay, via taxes, the cost of their own enslavement. Government roads are one of many massive subsidies received by large corporations. If corporations had to pay their true transportation costs, then large factories would not be as profitable. Small local factories would be more competitive with large factories. In a free market, trucks would be required to pay user fees proportional to the amount they damage roads.

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Zhwazi said...

Or they'd use trains. Roads are overbuilt and trains are underused.

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