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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Most Psychatrists are Evil!

What a jerk does to meet women is he occasionally sends a negative message to the woman, to establish his dominance. For example, he'll say "Your hips are fat."

There was a book, called "The Game" that revealed all these tricks to the general population.

I was talking to a psychiatrist, and he expressed remorse that this book was written. Previously, these manipulation tricks were the exclusive property of psychiatrists and the people who figured them out themselves. Now, these tricks were available for everyone to use. The psychiatrist was unhappy, not because people were behaving badly, but because he lost his "advantage" when his tricks were revealed.

If you're using an honest strategy, you don't lose out if other people also know about it.

For example, in the game of Contract Bridge, it is considered to be dishonest to use a strategy without telling your opponents. It creates too huge an information disadvantage for the side with extra information.

Similarly, when dating, it is dishonest to use a manipulation strategy without telling your partner what you are doing. Your partner winds up actually being your opponent.

That psychiatrist expressed remorse that his "tricks" were revealed to the general public. That shows a fundamental dishonesty, especially if psychiatrists have known about these tricks for decades without revealing them.

My goal is to relate to other people honestly. I'm not disadvantaged if other people are using the same strategy.

If your partner isn't thinking correctly, you're supposed to try and improve their thinking. The "neg hit" philosophy takes this constructive behavior and turns it into something that's used to control your partner/opponent.

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Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the money shot which never came -- a comparison with 'intellectual property'.

This Blog Has Moved!

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