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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Department of Homeland Security Supports Anarchism

I found this interesting story on Here is the full story on infoshop news.

The story is that Tacoma is holding an anarchist book fair next weekend. The Department of Homeland Security identified the book fair as being a security threat. The landlord of the building received a phone call from the police, and he threatened to evict the tenants for hosting the event.

Allegedly, that's a common tactic: the police threaten the landlord of someone hosting a controversial event. According to, this tactic was used to shut down many individual gun dealers. The police emphasized to the landlord that he might be facing personal liability by renting to a gun dealer. The landlord, acting in his rational self-interest, raises the rent or refuses to renew the tenant's lease.

I read another interesting post by someone planning to attend the event. He was planning to bring his wife and daughter, but now he's going alone. He's worried that his wife and daughter would be subject to violence from the police, if they attended. That's what that blogger said; he's afraid to take his wife and daughter with him in public, because he's afraid of the police. On the one hand, that is responsible action by him if it's his sincere conclusion. On the other hand, that's extremely troubling.

The organizers of the event are very aware that bad guys may infiltrate their event. They are seriously concerned that people who desire to commit violence will infiltrate their event, and the organizers of the book fair will be blamed. This is a common tactic used to discredit anarchists and citizen activist groups. Spies infiltrate the anarchist event and commit violence to discredit anarchists in general. Then, the news can say "look at those anarchists; they're just a bunch of people engaging in pointless violence".

The organizers of the book fair are actually being very careful about who they allow to attend. According to the story, they are taking every possible precaution to make sure their event isn't infiltrated by the bad guys. I don't know how successful they will be, because part of the point of hosting a book fair is that a lot of new people will read and learn.

The amusing part is that the crackdown by the Department of Homeland Security is almost like an endorsement. It's like the red market is saying "These people are doing something interesting." The threats to shut down the event were not pursued. As far as I can tell, their event will be allowed to occur.

As far as I can tell, these specific anarchists are still focusing on rioting and protesting. They still are wasting their time. They aren't focused on the true solution, which is to build wealth outside the control of the State.

A lot of people falsely associate anarchy with people rioting and protesting, and pointless chaos. I consider the best form of anarchy to be agorism. That's the reason I like the word "agorist" better than "anarchist", because the word "agorist" isn't tainted like the word "anarchist".

Is this entire event a psyop? This event is still falsely associating anarchy with rioting and protesting. The only true solution, agorism, is still not being debated, even by the people who call themselves anarchists.

Perhaps the Department of Homeland Security is secretly supporting anarchist groups, to prevent agorist groups from forming? An agorist group would not go about rioting and protesting, because the goal of an agorist is stealth and not being noticed by the State at all.

Perhaps the Department of Homeland Security needs to support anarchists, to prevent people from debating agorism?

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