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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pyschiatrists are Muderers!

If you research on the Internet, there's a lot of stories of abuse by the psychiatric/mental health/murder industry.

My blog isn't a random sample of the population, but I've heard several stories of abuse. (Some people comment that they're "psychiatric survivors" by E-Mail or on their own blog.)

When I was first hospitalized, I was living in a city by myself. When I called 911 for help, I never imagined that the medical care I received would be so horrible. While I was waiting to be forcibly injected, I kept wondering "When am I going to get to talk to someone who has a clue?" It was obvious to me that the doctors and nurses who spoke to me had no clue about anything. I didn't even know they were doctors! Based on a 2 minute examination, I was involuntarily hospitalized and forced to take harmful drugs against my will. According to the medical records, I had a "history of non-compliance with medication and needed to be forcibly given drugs". This was the first time I was hospitalized!

I was totally doped up and oblivious. Somehow, I figured out that calling my parents collect for help was a good idea. They came to get me bailed out of the hospital. According to my parents, the hospital staff was *MAD AND DISAPPOINTED* that my parents came to rescue me. The hospital staff thought that I was now their property. They would have me institutionalized for the rest of my life, milking me for Medicaid payments.

The withdrawal for those drugs is awful. Even 3-6 months afterwards, the withdrawal effects still linger. The withdrawal symptoms look like the outbreak of a mental illness! Whoever designed those drugs was really clever and evil! It's been 9 months since my last hospitalization. I hope I'll be able to stay out this time. If I can stay "clean" for another 6-9 months, I'll have more confidence that I'm recovered.

Anecdotal evidence isn't "proof", but when the official custodians of power are corrupted, situations like this occur. You can't rely on psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical industry to tell the truth, so anecdotal evidence is all there is.

Based on my personal experience, the "chemical imbalance" theory of mental illness is complete bull****. Anybody who prescribes anti-psychotic or anti-depressant drugs is a murderer. Anybody who forces people to take those drugs, via lying or outright violence, is a murderer. Most people don't have the intellectual capacity to realize "Is my psychiatrist full of ****?"

Some people in the government and pharmaceutical industry are probably aware of the harmful effects of anti-psychotic drugs. They are suppressing this information. I can't prove it, but there's a ton of circumstantial evidence.

A psychiatrist is worse than a policemen who enforces illegitimate laws. A policeman shows you his badge, gun, and uniform, which creates a certain level of fairness. A psychiatrist will murder you while he's pretending to help you. The fact that the psychiatrist believes his own lies, doesn't make it morally acceptable.

I only was forced to take anti-psychotic drugs for a few months, so hopefully I wasn't permanently damaged. I wonder what the effect is on people who take them for years?

Most FDA approval studies only cover 6-12 weeks. A psychiatrist will put his patient/victim on anti-psychotic medication for years. Every psychiatrist I've ever had told me "You will be required to take these drugs for the rest of your life. Your complaints about side effects are proof that you are in fact sick."

When I tell other people "The anti-psychotic drugs had a severely negative effect on me.", they rationalize it by saying "The drugs affect everyone in a different way." That makes absolutely no sense. Does a polio vaccine have different effects on different people? Do antibiotics have different effects on different people? I found these drugs incredibly damaging. I conclude they are harmful to nearly everyone. Most people don't have the ability to question and say no to their psychiatrist. Most people would confuse the withdrawal symptoms with the outbreak of a new mental illness. If a drug would give a mental illness to a healthy person, then it shouldn't be given to people labeled with a "mental illness".

If a doctor or psychiatrist ever asks you if you can hear voices, ANSWER NO! Even if you can hear voices that are actually there, don't tell your psychiatrist or he will murder you!

It's unclear if "hearing voices" is a natural reaction to extreme stress, a symptom of reaching a higher level of consciousness, or if they're actually real (aliens?). If what you consciously want doesn't match what you subconsciously want, then you start hearing voices.

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Anonymous said...

"...the hospital staff was *MAD AND DISAPPOINTED* that my parents came to rescue me. The hospital staff thought that I was now their property. They would have me institutionalized for the rest of my life, milking me for Medicaid payments..."

There is all we needed to know. As we can witness, there is no difference between this apparatus, and those of 1939 Germany or Soviet mental institutions. All of the examples have this in common: they find it profitable to incarcerate people for their lifetime, because the state stays ready to pay for every day of the incarceration. When fiat printing state makes itself ready to pay, then dishonest doctors will find a way to declare you crazy.

Germany progressed in this to the point where it has become profitable to murder in masses. Soviets used slaves to dig for Uranium, having those slaves die after a few weeks. Just because we don't know, doesn't mean there isn't already a mechanism like that in our own country.

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