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Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Kinds Of Psychopaths

There is some confusion, regarding the term "psychopath". I have seen the term used to describe two different criminal personality types.

In this post, I'll refer to these two psychopath types as "psychopath-criminal" and "psychopath-Madoff". When I say psychopath, I mean psychopath-Madoff.

A psychopath-criminal has the "abused productive" personality type. A psychopath-criminal gets frustrated at a psychopath-Madoff-controlled world, and turns to crime. A psychopath-criminal is not very smart. He makes dumb mistakes, leading to arrest.

If you have the "abused productive" personality type and are intelligent, then you'll find a decent (but not awesome) job in the productive sector of the economy. That will be enough success to deter the typical "abused productive" person from crime. Unfortunately, as the State collapses, it's becoming harder and harder for a typical "abused productive" person to earn a living. Most new "jobs" are in the parasite sector of the economy, and are taken by parasites or psychopaths.

Here is an example of a psychopath-criminal. Look at the photo.

I previously mentioned that you can read personality type by the "laugh lines" on a person's face. A psychopath-Madoff typically has nearly vertical laugh lines. Someone with the "abused productive" personality type typically has 45 degree angle laugh lines. This criminal has 45 degree angle laugh lines. (These are merely indications, and not absolute proof.)

Also, this guy is an idiot. He got caught because he brought the girl he kidnapped to his parole officer's meeting.

This criminal does not have the parasitic personality type. He has the "abused productive" personality type. He got frustrated and turned to crime and kidnapping. A psychopath-Madoff would not need to kidnap a young woman. He would seduce her and psychologically dominate her.

This is interesting. I looked at several photos of criminals. They had the "abused productive" personality type and not the parasitic personality type. They really are criminals. However, they were "abused productive" people who couldn't fit in. They were abused by the psychopath-Madoffs, got frustrated, and turned to violent crime.

One conspiracy theory is "The State justice system protects parasites/psychopaths from retaliation by their victims." Here is an example. Suppose an abusive parasitic coworker lies about me, and I am unfairly fired. If I seek true justice and punch the scumbag, then I would be treated as a criminal. Seeking justice through the State legal system would be pointless. In this manner, the State prevents justice, because you can't punch someone who deserves it. If I said "It was OK to punch him. He was a scumbag who needed to be punched.", State "justice" wouldn't accept that as a valid excuse. According to State "justice", lying about someone and unfairly firing them is 100% legal.

However, exposed to a lifetime of such abuse, some people crack and then kill a bunch of people or commit other crimes.

For example, if Jared Loughner was able to find a decent job, he probably would not have gotten frustrated and went on his killing spree. Due to the State and psychopath-Madoffs, Jared Loughner wasn't able to fit in. He figured out that something was wrong, but didn't understand the problem like I can.

The real danger comes from the psychopath-Madoffs. They aren't criminals in the State-recognized sense. They are very dangerous. In fact, the current organization of the State explicitly facilitates theft by psychopaths. Under "color of law", psychopath-Madoff theft is legitimate. Under "color of law", psychopath theft is backed by the full violent evil power of the State.

A psychopath-criminal might rob a bank with a gun, which will lead to getting caught eventually. A psychopath-Madoff might lose trillions of dollars speculating on mortgages and then get the government to give him a bailout. Clearly, the psychopath-Madoff is much more dangerous than the psychopath-criminal.

For example, Bernard Madoff played the State like a fiddle. His investors assumed "Bernard Madoff must be legitimate. Otherwise, the SEC would object." When an intelligent SEC agent started asking questions, Bernard Madoff would successfully lie to them. If necessary, Bernard Madoff would appeal to the SEC agent's parasitic/psychopathic boss, and the SEC agent would be forced to back down.

The State financial system has high inflation and low interest rates. This pushed investors towards Madoff's fund, which had returns closer to true inflation. In a free market financial system, it would be harder to promote fraudulent schemes. In a free market financial system, everyone involved would be partially responsible, when there was corruption and fraud.

Harry Markopolis concluded that Madoff's fund was fraudulent. He could not publish his conclusions on his blog, due to State libel laws. He was actually scared that Madoff might try to murder him. Harry Markopolis had discovered a piece of the huge criminal conspiracy of the State. The reasoning is "If someone like Bernard Madoff is a fraud, then maybe the entire State financial system is a fraud." The entire State financial system *IS* a fraud. Bernard Madoff was able to fit in smoothly among the banksters, because most of them are psychopaths like him!

From the viewpoint of his fellow banksters, Bernard Madoff is obviously a swell guy. His fellow psychopaths were thinking "Bernard Madoff has the same personality type as me. Therefore, he's a good guy. If only I had as much emotional intelligence as Bernard Madoff, I would be really successful! Bernard Madoff is such an awesome role model!"

Of course, the flagrant Ponzi scheme was able to overcome Madoff's reputation. Similarly, Weiner's wiener pictures and lying was so evil that he was forced to resign. Scum like Madoff and Weiner fit in among State leaders, because most of them are psychopaths! However, flagrant evil can cause a psychopath to be exposed. Then, the excuse is "He's an isolated bad apple. There's nothing to see here." Evil people fit in perfectly among State leaders, because most of them are psychopaths!

Even though Weiner and Madoff were disgraced, the mainstream media isn't asking "How was someone so evil, able to rise to a position of State authority?" No insider will ask this question, because most insiders are psychopaths. The psychopaths won't ask that question. The non-psychopaths won't ask that question, because they're afraid of the psychopaths.

If most insiders were honest and intelligent, then evil people would be identified and excluded. When most insiders are psychopaths, the honest and intelligent people are identified and excluded! In a psychopath-controlled State, it's the honest people who seem defective and deviant.

Bernard Madoff's scam was facilitated by the State. That scam could not occur in a really free market. In a really free market, all the regulators and feeder funds would be 100% personally liable for investor losses.

In State "justice", there was no incentive for any of his associates to notice that he was doing something wrong. Even though the SEC failed miserably, there's no personal liability for the SEC agents who did a lousy job. In a free market financial system, if you say "Madoff's fund isn't a fraud.", then you're partially responsible for all the losses. State regulators have no personal responsibility.

The Madoff-psychopaths have high emotional intelligence and low/medium logical intelligence. Even Bernard Madoff has some intelligent subordinates who were helping him generate convincing-seeming fake statements. Some "abused productive" people were helping Madoff with his scam.

That's one reason I disagree with "9/11 Was An Inside Job". There are psychopaths who would do that, if they thought they could get away with it and profit from it. However, they could not actually pull it off unless some intelligent "abused productive" people were helping them. That would require too much cognitive dissonance. Most State leaders sincerely believe that they're the good guys. Even a psychopath rationalizes it with "Everyone else is doing the exact same thing as me. I'm not doing anything unusual or immoral." The State functions with psychopath-Madoffs pulling the strings, assisted by intelligent deluded people.

Before I cracked my pro-State brainwashing, I assumed that everyone else was honest and intelligent and trying to do the right thing, just like me. That is false. Some people are outright evil. Similarly, a psychopath thinks that everyone else is an evil scumbag like him. When a psychopath sees an honest and intelligent person asking questions and giving logical explanations, the psychopath sees that as just another evil manipulation trick.

The psychopath-Madoffs dominate, because most people are brainwashed to be victims. There occasionally are people with partial resistance. They are isolated and the psychopaths can easily discredit and remove them.

Suppose it's two intelligent people A and B vs. one psychopath C. First, C will eliminate the smarter one, A, while sucking up to B. Once A is gone, then the psychopath will go after B.

It's even worse if it's two psychopaths vs. two intelligent people. The two psychopaths will cooperate, while the intelligent people won't understand what's going on.

Even if the psychopaths don't have an explicit agreement, they will always cooperate to ruin an intelligent person asking questions.

I can nearly instantly identify psychopaths. Psychopaths can also do this. A psychopath can always instantly identify fellow psychopaths. Psychopaths can always count on each other for cooperation, when an intelligent person starts asking dangerous questions.

This creates a massive highly-coordinated evil conspiracy. Two psychopaths will always cooperate, when an intelligent person starts asking questions. Two psychopaths will always assist each other in their evil goals. The can count on their fellow psychopaths to return the favor later, even if there is no explicit quid pro quo agreement. In a very real sense, there's a "psychopath code of ethics".

Many State leaders are psychopath-Madoffs. The ones who are not psychopaths are intelligent and emotionally weak. They are completely manipulated by psychopaths. A psychopath can nearly instantly tell if someone is a fellow psychopath, someone intelligent-but-controllable, or someone with resistance. Psychoapths can nearly instantly identify someone with partial resistance or full resistance, just like I can nearly instantly identify psychopaths.

The "abused productive" people are continually fooled by the psychopath-Madoffs. They will always think "I failed because I did something wrong." rather than "I failed because that psychopath cheated me." The "abused productive" people are prevented from learning. It was a huge shock to realize "Almost everything I've ever been taught is a lie." The system of lies is so complete, that it's a shock to realize it all at once.

The State is the mechanism that psychopaths use to control everyone else. It is hopeless to "work within the system", because the psychopath-Madoffs set up the rules of the system so that psychopath-Madoffs will always be in control. Even if no single psychopath was aware of this, their combined coordinated efforts guarantee that evil people will always control the State. Even if one psychopath is discredited and removed, there's always someone else, just as evil, ready to replace him.

Via the State, the psychopath-Madoffs conspire to enslave everyone else. How can the "abused productive" people organize to fight the psychopaths? You can't work within the system. The best alternative is agorism.

The "natural predator" for the psychopath is the intelligent "abused productive" person. Originally, the USA had an economic system that was very friendly to "abused productive" people, with a mostly free market. Unfortunately, psychopaths have organized the system for their own benefit. Most psychopaths have their theft backed by "color of law". There is no way for an "abused productive" person to legally oppose them or compete with them.

Psychopaths have nearly completely neutralized their "natural predators". The current system is of the psychopaths, by the psychopaths, and for the psychopaths. Now, theft is seen as more desirable than actually working. The psychopath is held as society's role model, and not the productive person. Everyone wants to be a middleman, rather than being the guy who actually does the work. This leads to greater and greater corruption, greater and greater theft, and less and less real work. The only result can be complete economic collapse.

I see people like Jon Ronson studying psychopaths. He made a mistake in his analysis. Psychopath-criminal and psychopath-Madoff are two different personality types. It is wrong to study psychopaths, without understanding the distinction between an "abused productive" criminal, and the psychopath-Madoffs who live by manipulating others.

The psychopath-criminals are not really dangerous. They make stupid mistakes and eventually get caught. The psychopath-Madoffs are truly dangerous. Ironically, the psychopath-Madoffs tell people "Give us more power, so we can protect you from the psychopath-criminals!" Unfortunately, most of the State leaders are psychopath-Madoffs. I'm able to nearly instantly identify someone who's a psychopath-Madoff, just like they can instantly recognize that I'm resistant to their manipulations.

If insiders are serious about preventing collapse, they have to find a way to eliminate and neutralize the psychopath-Madoffs. Unfortunately, the problem is too severe and widespread. I'm not holding my breath waiting. It's too late for the current system. It's better to let it collapse and focus your energy on building a replacement. Agorism is the best strategy for recovering your freedom from the psychopaths, but I haven't actually tried it yet myself.


Vargas said...

This is probably why civilizations rise and fall throughout history, yet I don't see how agorism can solve the psychopath problem long term. Since most people are unable to identify psychopaths, what's to stop psychopaths from infiltrating and destroying an agora?

FSK said...

State: Psychopaths take all the leadership positions. Everyone else is SOL.

Agora: Psychopaths control many businesses. A group of non-psychopaths can start a new business and compete.

A really free market is much more psychopath-resistant than a State monopoly.

Also, the true psychopaths are a minority. Under a State, they only need to take over the leadership positions. In a really free market, it would be hard for every small business to have its own psychopath.

Many people don't have psychopath resistance. This is a problem. State schooling and the State media condition people to be not-psychopath-resistance.

A really free market solves the "psychopath problem" better than a State monopoly.

e said...

Excellent analysis and congrats FSK.I would now like to share with you my own experience with psychopaths.I am a medical student and study in a college infested with psychopaths.Most of our professors and department heads are political appointees and are out to make money at the cost of the poor patients.Some of their tricks I have been subjected to are

1.They mimic the body language of an immaculate gentleman.But whatever they will say will have some unpalatable logical, moral,or ethical flaws since they have none of these qualities.

2.Sometimes they may pretend to help you or give you some good advice,but there will be logical or moral flaws.

3.They will personally attack you,humiliate in front of the patients and show themselves to be super-competent.But if you offend them you will be yourself made to feel guilty.

4.If you demand an explanation for poor marking, they will advise you to have better communication skills,presentation,etc.

5.Communication skill means speaking a whole lot of rubbish without saying anything useful,while shaking your heads and hands.

6.When confronted with logical counter questioning they will give deviant arguments.Someone else may pretend to come to your help,but beware of another psychopath pretending to be a good guy.

What I have also observed is that people with vertical frowns in their foreheads are also bad like the criminal in your picture.They are also inimical to good people.Also, sometimes it so happens that everyone in your department is bad but the head pretends to be the only good guy.Beware of such people.This is an impossibility.

I am totally pissed of with these psychopaths.I have tried to confront them but they have got a well-entrenched network.I got failed in the exams.
Can you find some ways to tackle them without getting molested by state backed violence?

Houston Watkins said...

Great article and absolutely dead on! I just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and as I'm reading, I'm thinking holy crap this guy gets it, I mean really gets it. Great to have a brother out there that can see through the bullshit. Wonder if there are many of us?

Master Doh-San said...

Good stuff. But do you see any other personality types besides the psychopaths and abused-productive?

FSK said...

Psychopaths are the most-dangerous and "abused productives" are the most useful.

The others are middling.

There's people with low emotional intelligence and low logical intelligence. They're in the middle and not important. However, they can play either role depending on the circumstances, and do reasonably well.

For example, studying women, there's "Women who are abused productive, but want to play the parasite role when dating someone."

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Spot on.

Clearsight said...

Thank you! You are right on target. The bad guys always win except in the movies and that isn't going to change. Still, more psychopath awareness must lead to more psychopath resistance. Psychopathy is becoming a more common topic recently, and I am doing what I can to contribute. I am the target of a good looking, charismatic, well respected psychopath. People want to shine by his light but are blinded by it, too, and I am finding myself quite alone and disregarded. My only option to make an impact, it seems, is to fully expose this individual. That would be dangerous. I know what a conscience free person is capable of. Already, as I am seen as a threat, I fear for my safety but have nowhere to turn for support or protection.

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